Start your Business

When you have some plans to start your business, your own brand and you want to make your dream from your idea to your own brand true , you will need a good plan !

But when you start it, you will need always

a good plan for your daily work. The most people starts with they own business and have no idea how much work is it in reality and have no idea how they should work every day , every night -daily. We have some tipps for you that you can work easy and makes your life more helpful;

When you have to write a book or a lot of article in some days . The first tip for you is that don’t write all at the end , because you will have a lot of stress and it make nothing better . Better is when you write always when you have free time, like on a airport when you have to wait , later at home with a coffee or a hot chocolate on your couch or in a Park when you want a little break . Write every day 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes like you want and after some days you will see how much and easy you have finish your work!

When you have some meetings , when you a stylist or you need outfits for shootings etc . Do not these things ; don’t pack up your stuff with no plan , you will have clothes and things in your bag which you don’t need ! Better make a plan before you off to the job ! Look at some magazines, check the internet , watch in your city for some Inspo and check which outfits and things you need ! You will have more time and more looks at your job !

In the next days we will tell you more tips for your business !

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