The TO DO vacation list for everyone !

I love holidays but I hate it when I have to much things in my bags and on my way to the airport with too much stuff inside , after so much travel over the years I have a to do travel list and things which you really need on every trip around the world ..but lets not talking toooo much lets start with my 5 things for a good vacation and things do you need for sure 🙂The first things are ADAPTER this point is super important for every country , you should check it before you go which adapter do you need in your holidays !believe me the most of the time do you need it when you arrive at the airport because you need your phone / laptop etc for a call , a number , a bus stop and and and when you will buy it at the airport it cost 3 more as in so many stores !The next one are credit cards !these ones are important when you off to the USA . So many things which you want to do every day like a visit at the supermarket , a car rent , a hotel booking and and you will need a credit card of course you can buy some things cash but for a car or a hotel do you need a card .Medicine is the next one on my list !I can tell you so many stories when I was in so many countries and I need some things because some things are going crazy like a bite from a pet, teeth promplems or whatever !Do you need some easy things which will help you always like IBU, some patches, cold cream when you are falling and and it will helps you a lot !BEVARE OF THE SUN!a Sun blocker , a sunglasses and a hat are always the best things on a vacation .You should have it in your bag when you on your way to your holidays !A camera!Is one of the best things on every adventure since 22222 years and this will never ends ! DOnt forget to make great pictures and have a amazing time 🙂

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