This is the best food for your breakfast !

Breakfast is one of the best time for a lot of people , some people love, the other one don’t need it every day but for me its important ! It gives me energy , power and I can better start in the day too . But what is the best food for a perfect start in the day ??? Here are The Blonde Moments fav food ;

Fresh fruits – are perfect for a good start! It gives Power , wakes you up and gives a lot of vitamin c what your body needs daily!

Eggs- Eggs are perfect for a protein snack when you wake up !

Coffee – Is the Number one for many people and on every breakfast table. Its healthy , wakes you up and gives you a big smile every morning 🙂

Oat – Oat is a good breakfast too, with some fresh fruits , honey its a oat meal a perfect breakfast for the sweet fans in the morning !

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