The best free Christmas gifts forever !

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…
Christmas is coming and today I have the best 4 free Christmas gifts for you and your family
and friends 🙂
Number 1 
a nice letter or a cute card 
is something what I love always , when you read some nice words from people you love 
you will read this every year and this gift is in 20 years always a special gift with a lot of love and of course for free !
Number 2
A cake or cookies 
make some fav cookies or a chocolate cake for someone special , 
look at your home what do you have at home for this and make a special menü 🙂
Number 3 
go hiking or to a special place with your fav person only you and you fav person in the Christmas morning and take free time for you and the person before the big Christmas day starts …
Number 4 
give kisses and smile a lot 
this is the most beautiful gift which you can give a person on Christmas !
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