what is the best hairstyle for you ??

We all know this moments when we look at the mirror or see us on a pic and it was always OK but one day you will sitting there and you will ask yourself about the question


” I need a new hairstyle, I look so boring and I hate it …”

Some woman have this always after a off with her boyfriend or some woman make that every 4 weeks or every 10 year when they get older….but what is the best look for yourself ?! Do we really need a magazine or infos from a profi when we want to change our hair and look or can we do this what we want?! For me I would say YES to do what you want ! I mean is it with your hair not the same sometimes like with your clothes you want to wear it , you want to do it and sometimes everyone is saying ” don’t do it, baby! ” but when you start with what you want , the most of the people will love it too because you present your look!

But for a easy look read this;

When you really have thin hair you need a look which give you volume like a bob or you can give it more power with some extension like 4-9 pieces which everyone in Hollywood is doing at the moment!

When you want Platinum hair , you should know your hair need more love from you !
It will be very dry after a sunny day, after using a iron …..but there are great products outside which we will tell you more about soon!


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