How to get white blonde hair ?! read it -This works!


I can tell you White Blonde hair to have is not so easy and you will buy and try a lot of products which are promise the perfect platinum blonde !
I prefer always a really cool white blonde , I was never the person which likes the yellow or normal blonde color . But to create this color is never easy , I have a lot red and gold pigments in my nature hair and this are the “Bad ass ” pigments which makes your plan never easy ! But in the last years I found my fav products and I will tell you more from my fav ones ;

The first thing you need is a perfect Silver Shampoo !
My fav one since 2 years is the On n Only Silver Shine shampoo , Im buying this always at sallys in LA . It works amazing , your hair will be more cool and you have never any purple or grey tones after washing in your hair like other purple shampoos which I have use in the past !

The next thing is of course the color , when you really want white blonde hair I can tell you the pulver Quick Blue by Loreal is the perfect one for this work! It makes a really white tone on your hair in 40 minutes .

The toner is the most important product when you will bleach your hair . The best toner is always the T18 by wella , it works so good and I do it always after a bleach !
Of course I mix all this with Olaplex  !









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