The best Vintage- stores in LA!

I love shopping in LA !
NO not at the rodeo drive IM A BIG fan from all the great vintage shops here in LA!
This shops are very great and you will never see another one like in Paris, London or Berlin.
Sometimes you will see a jacket , shoes or a bag which you want years or weeks ago but it was sold out but in LA you will see it again, you can shops great jeans, shoes , hats, bags from big labels or super cool vintage things…
here are my must haves !
This shop(S) are amazing the shop at the Melrose is one of wolfgang joops too he was for tv show great vintage stuff shopping there too and I love this store too…
You can find Dr. Martens for 50 dollas, Givenchy sneakers for 45 dollars or Leather jackets for 34 dollars and some stuff has 50% !
My fav. store from crossroads are at santa monica blvd
 and Studio city!


In Studio City .Santa Monica and At the Melrose is WASTELAND !
A great shop with a looooooooooot of luxus brands like louis vuitton, chanel, saint laurent, gucci and and but when you want something BUY minutes later it is sold out !! TRUST ME!
example ; you can buy a balencia bag fpr 350 dollars, Gucci leather jacket for 250 or a Leather pants from Isabel Marant for 100 dollar …
They have a lot of great stuff for great prices !
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