My morning routine


morning routine with food…

In some days  we have MONDAY !!! I say it again MOOOONDAYYY 
and what are u doing when you not really awake , when you super tired especially when you travel a lot and maybe you have a lot of JET LAG ?!?!
I have my special morning to-do list which works for me every time very good and today I will let you know some tips 🙂
so, my tipps today for a good start every day and not only on Monday ..


lets start with the food
Years before I hate the breakfast!! I was never eating something in the morning sometimes a coffee but not every day .
I was eating my first mood at 12pm….
but now I loooove the breakfast every morning  !

The best reason for a breakfast are…

for  me is it that I can really start the day perfect, I can write , I can work and Im happy to start the day …

My breakfast fav food are some things

Fresh juice
coffee of course
and maybe a great or when Im in France baguette 🙂
 this is enough for the first hours for me for a enough power .
Of course I have in different countries other breakfast in the morning
In Europe ( germany) I prefer eggs , bread (I miss bread when Im travel ) and coffee.
In France a Baguette , some cheese , a croissant ( SOMETIMES) and coffee
And in LA , some fruits, eggs and coffee .
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