The best clothing in Los Angeles for you


When you off to LA and you have no idea what should you do in your bag
because we all know the its never enough on a long flight and the bag is always not so big like you want… but today I have my fav clothes for a great LA trip 🙂
The first one are a great Leather Jacket , at the moment when its super cold in Europe you don’t need a fake fur or a big winter coat for your trip to LA , because you will not wear it there.
At the moment and before Christmas you will have always 28 ° , 24 ° …. OK in Christmas time its always a little bit “cold” in LA but you need only after 6pm a leather or a denim Jacket !
So, my fav jackets are a leather jacket or a denim jacket for the cold LA days 😀
The next one a flat boots !
Because you can wear wehen you got with a dress or leather pants and you can wear for hours when you walking a lot …
the next one are 2 shirts and 2 sweaters !
2 Shirts are enough for some weeks in LA because you can wear it when its sunny and the 2 sweaters a perfect when its not super hot in LA !
Mix it with a great hIgh.waist jeans and you can wear it at day and night !bvbv
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