Hiking trails in Los Angeles ; Runyon Canyon Park

Los Angeles is one of our fav City in the World but not only for the good food, the weather, the people or the many surprises in the city !

The beautiful hiking trails are amazing and when you not the “I love hiking ” person you should try one of these trails in and around Los Angeles!
The fav ones in the City by Jenny Burgartz are at Runyon Canyon .

Jenny ; When you in LA you should visit always the Runyon Canyon Park , I love it especially very early in the morning when its not so full und you can feel the fresh start of the day with a special view over the city !

But my fav hiking time here is later at the day before the sun goes down ! I love the view and the sunset at this time and when its not so hot its always better for a long hike . But don’t forget you cap and water bottle , you will need when you walk frown down to up the Runyon !

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