The best last minute Christmas gifts

Christmas is calling and there are always some people late with gifts, Christmas ideas for the day, with no food ideas and and and …what do you need right now some hours before its to late ?!? what can you do to rescue your Christmas , or plan a amazing Christmas Day?

Lets plan together with the blonde moments tips :what about the gifts?
Do you forget the gifts or do you need more gifts ?

Think about for which person do you need some gifts; the most of the time we buy and buy and buy but we really don’t know think about to much what the person really wants ,

the most of the time its so easy to find the perfect gift ! Maybe the person is more happy about self made cookies, a good book or easy things like a cozy sweater , a MUG for a coffee junkie ….

What about the food?
The food is ONE of the questions about Christmas !

The perfect dinner is every year my questions too,

I love cooking and food and I don’t make every year the same dinner, I ask friends , family what they want or I surprise with a new dinner at this time .

You should check what everyone loves and what makes the people happy and don’t forget the sweets in a Christmas dinner 


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