Jenny Burgartz fav beauty products !


CEO/FOUNDER Jenny Burgartz from The Blonde Moments Magazine

tells the magazine online today which products she always use, which one she has always in her travel bag and which products are always working !

“The first one which I always use is Sunblocker, because my skin is very , very pale and I always use the Avene 50+ cream and she helps me a lot when Im in LA or hiking in South of France .”

“The next one is a zinc cream which I was buying in LA , it helps me when my skin is in a bad mood or when its to dry etc. “

” Always in my bag is a dry shampoo, I don’t have a special one but when I travel I need always a dry shampoo!”

” I don’t wear make up, I always use a concealer when I need it my fav…

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