Why you should always buy a good bag?!?

Why you should always buy a good bag?!?


I think fashion is not always cool or you look amazing when you buy always clothes and things in high-end shops , it is very cool and more personal when you mix it with vintage things and normal shirts which you can buy for like 20 euros too . But very important for me is always on a look the bag! why?!?! because you can wear a coat which costs over 2000 euro or shoes for 800 but when you have a bag which you buy for like 10 euros and this bag looks easy and ugly too it makes your look and style from a 10 to a 1 in seconds !

How can I find the best bag?

you should not pay 2000 euros for the chanel or Gucci bag , you can buy great vintage bags too or you can buy of course amazing bags for 300 euros too . Important is not how much you have pay , its important that you bag looks, great, a amazing quality and and works with you and your outfit !



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