Tatras FW 20/21 in Paris

today we have some our fav looks by Tatras FW 20/21 from Paris !

We really love this collection this year the new Tatras collection from Paris some days ago takes us on an great, open journey through the time and brings together a vintage influence with a contemporary appeal. We say Bravo!

See our fav looks by the collection ; more about Tatras in the next days!

pics and infos by totem fashion / tatras

Vogue Talents at Milan Fashion week

Jenny Burgartz is in Milan right now and was this week checking the young talents at Conde Nast Italy . “I was in love with some work of the young designers and its absolut important that we have some fresh new young artists which work goes outside ! ” said Jenny in Milan.

When you in Milan you can check some work at the Conde Nast store in Milan!




WHEN I was  in Milan on a free day, I was in the city for a little shopping in Italy!

I was searching for great vintage shops and some cool “italy” things now after hours walking in the city which have kill my feet ,
I have found a cool vintage store where you can find Valentino shoes, Prada Coats or kenzo sweater
some things are new and some are vintage.
I was buying a new dress and I love it !

The prices are very great for some things in this shop like miu miu shoes ( not my size …)

was 33 euro or a great Prada Coat for 200 euro and some cool Furla Bags for 30 euro!
When you are in Milano you should go to the store
here are the website :
In Milan too I saw the coolest Zara store ever when you come in it looks like the Dior store in Paris !