Shannon k Singer on the Cover and in exclusive interview with Jenny Burgartz

The Amazing and talented Shannon K. Singer is in one of our Magazine covers and in the exclusiv interview with Jenny Burgartz .

She is talking with Jenny about her music, plans and many more interesting things in the blonde moments magazine.

The issue will be soon available on the apple Ibooks store , So don’t miss it !

pic by Indrani pal chaudury

Jarry Lee for The Blonde Moments Magazine !

The beautiful and talented Jarry Lee is not only in interview with Jenny Burgartz for the new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine , She is on the Cover on issue No. 8 too!

Jarry Lee talks with Jenny about her plans, fav city and gives her fans a lot of cool beauty tips !

Don’t miss the new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine! This month with 2 Covers !

pic by Pierre Richard Louis

The Blonde Moments -Muse Margaux Avril

pic by Loreleï Buser Suero

One of our The Blonde Moments Magazine -Muse and Cover stars are our fav French girl Margaux Avril !

Margaux was speaking with Jenny Burgartz on the last magazine about her music , style and her fav places in the world and Paris.

Why we love Margaux ? She has a great style, makes amazing pics and her songs are perfect for a trip in Paris , a night with your friends or on your way to a date and the best holidays in France !

The Cover Make up Look

Today its time for the list of the products which we use for the new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine cover this summer.

Our Cover and the makeup is in one of our fav colors for the summer -Pink!

We have used

Eyes ;

Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent as concealer

Skin Mac strobe cream mix it with some Mac Foundation nothing more , use it on your skin and blend it , it gives your skin a great glow in the sun!

Mascara, Eyeliner by Chanel and eyeshadow in Pink mix it with some highlighter for some extra glow .

Lips Infrarose -the summer color by Chanel for pink lips and all eyes on you!

Shannon K Singer for The Blonde Moments Magazine one of our #covergirls


The beautiful and talented Shannon K. Singer is one if our 3 Covergirls for

The Blonde Moments Magazine !!

Secrets, fav music and plans and a lot of news in the magazine!

Shannon has over 1 Millionen Followers on Instagram , is a big mega star in USA and talks about a lot of new projects, music , LA , travel and what she is doing for positive minds for her job and life plus she talksabout her fav music and hot spots in LA and NYC

Amazing and beautiful pics in the magazine !

And you should don’t miss her beautiful pics in the magazine too!

IMG_6138Indrani Pal Chaudury /photographer.



The blonde moments magazine is out !


Dont miss the new good news !
 The Blonde Moments Magazine is out!
and we have some news for you!
We have 3 cover for this month and we will share you the covers and the people on the cover this week!
Today we start we cover number 1 MARGAUX AVRIL
we love her style, her pics and of course her music !
And we have a questions for you all ; WHO should be in the next issue ?!? LET US KNOW!