Chanel Blue Serum review

CEO/ Founder of The Blonde Moments Magazine Jenny Burgartz has tested the

Chanel Blue Serum the last weeks and has her personal review of this luxury Serum for The Blonde Moments Magazine readers.

Jenny ; ” I love a good Serum for your skin , but in the past I never found a really good product which I would buy again , but this Chanel Blue Serum gives my skin in seconds a really fresh and shiny glow ! “

It smells really fresh like some other Chanel beauty Products which I really love by the way .

After the first seconds on your skin , it feels hydrated , fresh and you look really fresh and young .

When you use a cream after this your skin has a really boost like when you wear a mask !

I think it will be works perfect in the summer months when you really don’t need too much creams, serums etc. I tested it of course with my sunblocker too and it works perfect!

This Serum works really good for me and I would buy this one again!

Werbung wegen Namensnennung

Fav Business looks for fall/winter

pic by Jenny Burgartz

Today we have some inspiration for your next business meeting . Our fav look should be cozy, elegant and cool at the same time. You should always wear what you like and looks like you not overdressed, please!

This Outfit ist a great example from CEO/founder Jenny Burgartz. Jenny is wearing a silk blouse by Toteme a , great pair of jeans by Redone and classic black heels by CELINE .

A Bag in black is always a great idea and the best way for every looks and style . Jennys bag is a great vintage CHANEL bag in black in a perfect size for important things.

Look of the week by Adut Akech Bior

We meet the beautiful Model of the Year Akut Akech Bier after the Chanel show in Paris last week and she was super cute, nice and of course beautiful!

But her style was amazing and cozy too and thats why she hast the best look of the week for us!
I mean look how amazing her cool sneakers are ….

The best CC Cream !

Its Monday and after a long weekend with Christmas partys its time for a good friend which make us look like a princess on a Monday …

My first thought was to tell you my fav CC cream which works really good and makes your skin very pretty. I was searching so long for the best cream but the most of them are too dark, to dry or they have not a high sun blocker .

SO, my fav one are the Chanel CC cream! This CC cream makes your skin very soft , is not to dry and with a LSF 50 are perfect for a pale skin. Do you have some fav CC creams too ?

Jenny Burgartz fav white Blouse

Jenny Burgartz , the CEO/Founder of The Blonde Moments Magazine show us today her fav clothes again and today its all about a fav piece ever , for everyone – the white blouse !

Jenny Burgartz ; ” I was never a big fan of a white blouse because Im very pale and it was all to white when I was wearing a white blouse but right I have finally a fav one at the moment .”

Its the white silk blouse by Toteme .

Werbung wegen Namensnennung

” This one is very cozy , great to wear and you can mix it with a denim jeans, under a sweater and with a leather jacket .”

I mix this one at the moments with a jeans and a black Chanel bag.

Why you need a Perfume in your life …

A good Perfume is always a good idea for a woman and a man and this not only on Christmas , its always a good choice to smell good when you start a day . But a Perfume is not always a Perfume , A good one can tell a story , reminds you on your first love , on your new love , on a story in your life, on a happy moment, on a great travel in the past or it makes you very sexy and a happy feeling !

Do you have some fav ones?

The best red lipsticks !

Red lips are since years are the most beautiful make up look ever.

When you tell someone about red lips you will think about Marilyn Monroe in her movies or a fresh make up look on the last Chanel show!
Today we have our top 2 fav red lipsticks .

Mac – Ruby woo / is a great lipstick and make your tooth lighter too. The finish is matt and its perfect for a long day!

Chanel- We don’t need a special Chanel color to say for you because every color by Chanel in red is amazing, go to the counter and check your fav color you will love them!

The Cover Make up Look

Today its time for the list of the products which we use for the new issue of The Blonde Moments Magazine cover this summer.

Our Cover and the makeup is in one of our fav colors for the summer -Pink!

We have used

Eyes ;

Touche Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent as concealer

Skin Mac strobe cream mix it with some Mac Foundation nothing more , use it on your skin and blend it , it gives your skin a great glow in the sun!

Mascara, Eyeliner by Chanel and eyeshadow in Pink mix it with some highlighter for some extra glow .

Lips Infrarose -the summer color by Chanel for pink lips and all eyes on you!