INTERVIEW WITH- Gerriët Brouwer 

JENNY BURGARTZ has spoken with the talented and amazing Gerriët Brouwer about the best beauty tipps and pof course the questions from all questions the best products for blonde hair !

I really in love with your makeup looks and videos. 

What’s your secret for a perfect makeup look ? 

My secret for the perfect makeup look does not exist. Perfect makeup is different for everybody. For every face shape, or eye shape. If you are feeling beautiful with a black winged liner of with just mascara, that’s what makes a makeup look perfect for me. 

Do you have any tips for a perfect eye makeup for blondes? 

I’m also a blonde myself and I really navigate to warm earth tones on the eyes. The warmth of the colors around the eyes are so nice with blonde hair! If you have more warm blond hair, than maybe an beautiful brown liner will really make your eyes pop. Perfect for fall.

What’s the best part about your job?

The people I get to meet! A lot of different faces, different interests in makeup from everybody. It’s so nice to hear everyone’s fave products or fave make-up looks. It’s inspiring.

Your fav city ?

If you ever go to the Netherlands. You have to visit Deventer. It’s a cute smaller city and it’s so cozy and nice to enjoy a cup of coffee on a big square. Must visit. Amsterdam is overrated 😮

Where did you get your inspo from?

From other makeup influencers! I love to follow my colleagues with everything they do. I get so much inspiration from others. 

The best for a glowy skin?

Skincare skincare skincare ! It’s the most important. Really hydrate your skin and under eyes so your makeup will look flawless. Also use a glowy primer, that’s life changing.

The best 5 beauty products ?

Charlotte tilbury wonderglow  primer,
Mac cosmetics Face & body foundation
Catrice true skin concealer
Charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless powder. It’s the best. 
Trinny London golden bronzer

You can not life without ..?

My brow soap! It’s a life changer. Brushing my brow hairs up and creating a full bushy brow changes the face! It’s insane.

Your life motto?

Makeup isn’t to be ‘more beautiful’. It’s about making you FEEL more beautiful. Beauty is from within, and makeup isn’t gonna charge that. It’s your own feeling that’s changing when you are wearing it. Use it to accentuate your perfections. Not to hide anything.

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pics by Gerriët Brouwer

interview by Jenny Burgartz

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